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Amazing Dice Towers - 3D Printed

Following the outbreak of the pandemic (2019), I decided to review both my personal and work life. I took the decision not to go back to work, not to drive 400 miles or more a week, not to have the stress, the grief. During the following 6 months I thought of what I would really like to learn, to do, to make a living from. 3D Printing, Fine Art Printing.

So I purchased myself my first couple of 3D printers, some fine art printers. My naivety thinking that I could just plug in, select the model I wanted and click print was somewhat understated. What followed was the best part of 18 months of a sharpe learning curve, different printers work differently, different printers printed certain models better than others, different printers could handle different filaments better than others.

My Print Farm

Now as 2022 starts, I have my own collection (would love to call it a print farm) of some 20 or so 3D Printers, each of them handling a certain range of printing requirements. My printers include; ALTA, AnyCubic, Creality Ender 5 Pro, Geeetech A20M, FLSUN QQs Pro, FLSUN SR, TenLog Pro, JG Maker Artist D, 3D Print Mill, Monoprice Mini, Prusia MK3s, Mosiac 8 Colour Feeder with the bulk of my work horse 3D printers being made up of lots of FLSUN printers, currently 6 of the QQs and 3 of the SR.

After printing lots of minatures I decided to buy some resin printers, these are liquid based rather than filament and can produce another certain range of models, after many months of hair pulling I have now settled on the Nova Elfin 2 and Nova Whale 2 with multiples of each of them.

The Models

Whilst I have another website listing over 4,000 3D printed models (www.3dprintedkits.co.uk), ranging from minuatures to larger dungeons and dragons models, this website is dedicated to the range of Amazing Dice Towers I am able to offer.

I used to write software for computers, I understand the processes and methods involved in 3D Printing, but I still find it amazing to watch the printers actually printing the models layer by layer (if you would like to see a video of a skull being printed click here (.....)), its truly awesome.

Some of the 3D Printed Dice Towers are provided as kits rather than printed in a single piece, with these I include a very quick and simple How to Guide showing you exactly what parts you should have, and whats the best order in which to build your Dice Tower.

Whats Comming

I am always on the look out for new dice towers, I hold around 40 licences (and counting) to print and sell different ranges of dice towers. I also have some dice towers that whilst I have purchased them, they dont in my opion fit the bill and wont appear on my site. Only 1st class Dice Towers will appear on my site, be they printed as a single piece or as a kit.

As of 2022, this website contains around 100 different Amazing Dice Towers, I am sure more will follow.