Colours Available


Testing PLA

After 18 months of testing, printing and working with different PLA manufacturers, I have settled on a certain range of PLA's. This ensures that the printed Dice Towers are always looking as good as they possibly can, there are cheaper filaments but they just are not as good.

Manufacturers Used

Providing images of every colour made by every manufacturer would take mean looking through some 200+ pictures, we use the following;

Amazon, Eryone, eSun, Gaintarm, Noulei, Tinmorry, Ziro each of these manufacturers produce pla but after 1000's of prints I have a good list of which filament to use on what printer and for what model. You pick your model, your colour and I will ensure that I use the best printer available with the best filament for your printed Dice Tower

The Colours

For simplisicity I have placed the colours I use into one of three categories, Standard, Silk, Specailist

Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Rainbow, Skin (Beige), White, Yellow

Black, Black Silver, Bronze, Copper, Emerald Green, Gold, Green, Pink, Purple, Rainbow, Silver, Sky Blue, White, Yellow

Marble, Blue and White Marble, Fluorescent (Fluo) - Blue, Green, Pruple or Red, Glow in the Dark (GID) - Blue, Cyan, Green or Purple,
Glitter - Black, Blue, Purple, Red or Silver, Matt - Army Green, Black, Dark Blue, Iron Gray or Khaki

Its impossible to list all colours and all variations, however if there is a colour you want I dont have then please get in touch via the contact us form.