Stringing / Cleaning


What is Stringing

Sometimes, depending on the model being printed and the filament being used - some, not many but on the odd occassion the certain combination can cause a small amount of stringing on the model. Stringing can be seen as whispers of strands that seem out of place, they are.

How to cure stringing

There are numerous ways to cure stringing, some people simply use a cigarette lighter and burn off the loose bits of stringing, others use a more common approach and use a piece of sand paper.

If you intend to paint your dice tower, then using a heavy grade sand paper is fine otherwise I would suggest only using fine sand paper.


We will always try and remove all forms of supports and stringing after removing the model from the printers. Whilst every effort is made to do just that, it is possible that from time to time we may miss some small stringing or supports.

There are occasions where we leave supports on the model if it is printed as a kit, this allows the parts to be shipped safely as they otherwise snap / break during transit, under these circumstances you will need to remove the support.