All in One or Kits


All in One

Dice Towers that are printed in a Single Piece (such as the Skull Dice Tower - left image) and are great for taking around to each others houses for Dungeon & Dragons gaming nights. I use 20% infill which is double the standard, this gives the dice tower a good wait and prevents parts such as trees, etc snaping too easy.


Stackable Dicec Towers (such as the Basalth Dice Tower - middle image) are simple printed in multiple parts which can then be stacked ontop of each other to form the dice tower, these are idea for when you are short on space or want to be able to pack them away, you can of course actually glue the pieces together as you stack them.

Full Kits

The last type of Dice Tower is that of the Full Kit (such as The Citadel - right image) which is printed in many parts (20+). Once built it will make up your dice tower. These models require glueing together to form a single piece dice tower, this is usually because either the model is too elaborate (has too much detail) or it is too big to be printed as a single piece Dice Tower.